December 18, 2019

What Can You Not Do After Tinting Windows?

What can you not do after tinting windows Teflon Card?

On your vehicle do not roll your tinted windows with bluemax squeegee down for at least three days. When cleaning a car's tinted windows, make sure to use an ammonia-free cleaner, as ammonia will eat away the tint over time. Do not clean windows with abrasive pads or cleaners; sideswiper tool use a soft cloth, a clean synthetic sponge or soft paper towels.

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July 11, 2019

Method Of Starting Knifeless Tape

Method Of Starting Knifeless Tape Do you pros have a method of starting knifeless tape in the air or is this a situation pros wouldn't get themselves into? Make small slices at an angle one on each side! but dont cut the string lol I usually do the slices closer to the vinyl. Pinch and pull, or fold a slip with Wrap Tools.

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March 22, 2019

Benz GLS500 PPF Application

PPF Applicationwindow tinting

IBenz GLS500 PPF Application.
If you want to own this white Window Tint Squeegeess,you can visit:

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December 07, 2018

Auto Glass Window Tinting Tools

Professional quality window films tinting tools instantly add a unique, custom look to any vehicle. Todays window Film Installation Tools come in a wide range of colors and shades. This makes the selection of one to properly complement your vehicle fairly easy. Window films are engineered and manufactured to reject nearly 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays. Not only do window films Hook Pulling Tool provide sunscreen-like protection for you and your passengers, they also provide the same protection for the leather or fabric upholstery inside your vehicle. Window films have been proven to greatly reduce the amount of fading and will prolong the life of your vehicles interior. Window films tint tools are also designed to reflect a majority of all solar energy, allowing the vehicles cooling system to run more efficiently and making the inside of your vehicle much more comfortable on those hot sunny days.

Such as DO NOT ROLL DOWN tape is for sale!

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September 20, 2018

Vinyl Wrap Class Training Testimonial by Christopher Robinson

Looking for profitable services to add to his mobile detailing business, Christopher Robinson decided to train at's Vinyl Wrap class to learn how to apply vinyl wraps. Recognizing how profitable a vinyl wrap service could be back home in Orlando, the Vinyl Wrap training class with Solskin Wet Roll at tintingtool.comwas perfect.

Chris notes that the small class size at tintingtool.comallowed hands-on, one-on-one training with the instructor and states that, "the instructor is like the Lebron James in wrapping so he's going to help you, and as soon as the day is over you'll be out there wrapping making money."Aware of's other training classes, Chris shares that there is a chance he'll come back and take another class.

If you're interested in adding window tinting to your business or starting an entirely new business, click here to learn more.

Window Tint Tools with Side Swiper Supplies:

The reason why I chose to do the vinyl wrap class is because I'm a mobile detailer. I heard of Tintingtool.comthrough a Google search looking up car detailing and I found Tintingtool.comthrough there and saw that they had a class for car vinyl wrap. I think I can bring it back to my business, the market is endless and I believe that Orlando is a big market for it.

I came in with no experience and now I got more experience that I ever thought I would ever have. It's night and day. I really think I'm ready to go make money wrapping cars. I would take another class at, Tintingtool.comis a great company and it's just a place to be and a great atmosphere to learn new things.

The teacher was always there, the classes were small so the teacher can get around to each and every person. It's not like a big college atmosphere where I have to take out a recorder to listen, the teacher's always right there, always hands-on, whatever you need give him a call and he's right there.

My name is Chris and for anyone that's out there looking to become an installer and start wrapping cars, tintingtool.comis the place to be. They tell you everything, the instructor is like the Lebron James in wrapping so he's going to help you and as soon as the day is over you'll be out there wrapping making money. So I say choose tintingtool.comand you won't go wrong.

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August 02, 2018

The Tint Options And Benefits

Extremely professional and friendly! Very hospitable! Had our Mercedes tinted and looks great! . Thanks so much to you and your staff! Great job! Cris & Dani.I chose to bring my car to this shop based on the good reviews i had read on yelp. Ariel is extremely polite and professional. He explained the tint options and benefits of each. Installation took about an hour. I am very happy with the results and extremely impressed with how I was treated by Ariel and his staff. A++++ Customer Service.I spent some time looking for the right place to get my windows tinted. I just got a new car, and the last thing I wanted to do was let someone mess up the windows with a shoddy tint job. There are plenty of Window Tinting Sprayer that will tint your windows on the cheap via groupon and the likes, but after doing much reading online, I realized that route could end up costing me much more if the door/window electronics are messed up. Also, usually the quality of the screens used at auto tint ppf squeegee that offer significant discounts is horrendous.

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June 23, 2018

The Textured Surface Makes Tinting Exceedingly Difficult

No, I'm not talking about the space-traveling robot with the built-in virgin alarm. The little dots you see at the edge of many car windows are 3D, and the textured surface makes tinting exceedingly difficult. Often you'll see film that sticks to some spots but not others, and the result is a horrendous zig-zagging line. Sometimes, an installer will attempt to fill the blank spaces with glue so it looks filled in, which might work in the short term, but is more likely to fail down the road.

A better, but far more time-intensive solution is for the installer to take the time to sand the dots down. For a car that's already been tinted with car window film tint tools, what you want to see is an incredibly consistent line that goes right to the edge of the dot matrix.

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October 19, 2016

1.5L High-density Pressure Spray with Graduation

■Tool Name:1.5L High-density Pressure Spray with Graduation
This spray bottle get a design with an extended nozzle to reach those tricky gaps and overall durability have this pump-up sprayer becoming a window film industry favorite. Hard wearing and long lasting.
1.5L High-density Pressure Spray with Graduation,click here to get more information:

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February 28, 2016

Why is window tinting regulated?

Dark-tinted front windows make it difficult for law enforcement to identify hit-and-run drivers, or to establish eye contact with suspects during traffic stops. They make it more dangerous for police, and easier for suspects to conceal weapons behind the tinted windows. Police in some areas of the country carry portable "tintmeters” to check windows that might be darker than the law allows.

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February 26, 2016

Explanation of the State Window Tinting Law Summary Chart

This summary chart of state aftermarket tint law information is not a legal document. It is the result of independent research, using several sources of public state documents. Window tinting laws vary from state to state and province to province. Before applying any window tinting materials, installers should thoroughly review the appropriate state regulations as well as local enforcement policies to insure compliance with all applicable standards.


Film-------VLT% refers to the film itself

Net--------VLT% refers to the combined film & glass

Vague-----The language of the law is unclear, legislative intent is unclear, or interpretation is uncertain.

Windshield: Presumably, NR tinting is permitted above the AS-1 line. If the law specifies only the AS-1 line, AS-1 appears. If AS-1 or specified inches appears, the AS-1 is assumed and only the number of inches down appears.(Note: NR is used in lieu of "No, Any, or a specific percentage” when the law permits unspecified "nonobstructive” or "Transparent” tinting materials. In these cases, the legality of tinting inevitably depends upon each officer’s discretion.

Front Sides: No film, or the actual percentage of VLT permitted. (Note: Because they may vary from state to state, manufacturer’s tolerances (i.e. + / - 3% VLT) are not listed on this chart, not are they included in these VLT numbers.)

MPV: Multi Purpose Vehicle, a vehicle used for passengers on a truck chassis, such as a limo.

Back Sides: No film, or the actual percentage of VLT permitted.

Rear: No film, or the actual percentage of VLT permitted.
% of Reflectivity:

NR--------No metallic or mirrored appearance
NE---------Not excessive (not specific)
MNIR-----Must not increase reflectivity
MBNR----Must be non-reflective (not specific)
NMMA----No metallic or mirrored appearance
NONE-----No reference to reflectivity in the current law
Restricted Colors: R (Red), A (Amber), Y (Yellow), B (Blue)
Mirrors (Left & Right required outside): YES or NO. (Note: Usually, a (YES means that dual outside mirrors are required if the back window is to be tinted.)

Certification Required: YES or NO. (Note: This refers to a requirement for manufacturers to certify the films they plan to sell before shipping them into the state.)

Stckr/Loc (Sticker Location): NO (No sticker is required)

RECOMMEND (Sticker is recommended; can assist officers in identifying legal tint more easily.)

Specific Locations: The State requires unique language & design, which may entail precise wording and sizing.

DRIVER: The sticker is required between the film & glass on the driver’s side window.

DOOR: The sticker is required on the inside of the driver’s side doorjamb.

ALL: The sticker should be put between the film & glass on each tinted window.

Medical Exemption: YES or NO. (Note: For more details about the specific terms of the exemption, consult the law.)

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