February 25, 2016

Tips for tinting car windows

We all dread climbing into a vehicle that’s been sitting outside in the summer heat. Short shorts and leather seats can be an especially bad combination. Tinted windows are one way to help keep your backside from burning. You'll want to consider hiring a pro to make sure you get the best tint job for your car.

1.    Familiarity with local regulations - Because dark windows are a safety concern for law enforcement officers when they’re making a traffic stop, many cities and states have specific limits on how dark you can tint your windows. Most professional window tinting companies make it their business to say up-to-date on window tint regulations. While some shops may provide darker-than-legal tint, most shops make sure their customers stay on the right side of the law.

2.    Experience - Unless you’re purchasing a more expensive professional-grade tint kit, you’ll likely find the film in a DIY window tint kit is flimsy and temperamental when compared to the higher quality materials a window tinting pro would use. For a first-timer, window film in general is hard to work with; a slight breeze or wind can cause creases or crinkles, and some may find it hard to keep dust or other debris from sticking to the film.

3.    First-time success - Even if you successfully apply window tint film to your vehicle’s windows, you may not do so perfectly. So try again, right? Not quite. Removing window film is much more difficult than applying it, due in part to the sticky adhesive used to apply it to the auto glass.

4.    Guaranteed work - If a professional window tinting company does a bad job, car owners can always demand re-tinting or they can try to get their money back. If and when you make a mistake while tinting you own windows, however, you probably won’t be able redo the tinting without buying another kit.

5.    Cost - The cost to tint all of a car's windows can range in price from $120 for a small car up to $380 for large vans. DIY kits are most frequently used as a way of saving money. However, low-grade window tinting film does not always provide good results for the car. For example, one of the main reasons car owners are interested in window tinting is that they want to protect their car’s interior from fading and cracking. Cheap or low-quality window tinting, though, does not always provide this protection.

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February 20, 2016

Window Tints For Heat Reduction

Need Help Choosing A Window Tint - Consider These Tips 4
Window tints let in light but they also let in heat and harmful UV rays. Did you know that a standard tint can help reduce your indoor temperatures by about 15%? That translates into huge savings on the energy front. However, you don’t have to choose a dark tint for the purpose – nowadays, clear tints can offer all the protection against the sun without making your interiors dark and depressing. Another advantage of installing a window tint is that it blocks 99% of the UV rays, which can cause fading and bleaching of your precious furniture and upholstery.

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February 16, 2016

1.5L High-density Pressure Spray with Graduation 

Pressure sprayer, robust industrial quality for disinfection, cleaning, plant protection, thin layer chromatography, technical and sanitary use.The hand pump is used to produce a pressure of up to 4 bar in the container. Spraying can then take place by pressing a button.
1.5L High-density Pressure Spray with Graduation,click here to get more information:http://www.tintingtool.com/sprayers-and-parts/15l-high-density-pressure-spray-with-graduation-p-108157.html

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January 30, 2016

How to Use Vinyl Off to Remove Sign and Vehicle Graphics

This article is to explain the Removal of Vinyl Graphics/Decals using Vinyl Off. Vinyl-Off is a safe ready to use product designed to assist in removing vinyl graphics from multiple substrates: metal, glass, canvas, FRP, painted surfaces, gel coat, fiberglass, etc. Used properly it will remove vinyl and 90-98% of the adhesive at the same time.
1、Test – Test – Test A little planning can save you a lot of effort!We also recommend starting with a small area and determining the best method of dwell time, amount of heat, and angle of pull.
2、Wipe Vinyl-Off onto ONLY the vinyl you want to remove using:Pad Sponge Foam Brush Fine Nap Roller Paper Towel, etc.
A little goes a long way. "Less is More
3、For best results, warm surfaces immediately before removal.Warm to the touch. Sun warmed on a warm day is perfect!
Non-Flammable and no toxic fumes! So you can use a heat gun or propane to warm the surface even indoors!
4、Allow a few minutes dwell time(very little waiting needed)Vinyl-Off penetrates the vinyl and attacks the adhesive behind it. You won’t usually see changes to the vinyl.
5、Lift an edge and pull.
The vinyl will come off in larger pieces because it has been rejuvenated. Most of the adhesive should come with the vinyl.
6、Remove any remaining adhesive by either re-applying Vinyl-Off or applying Adhesive –Off.
Wipe/Rinse off.

If installing new graphics after the removal,we recommend using isopropyl alcohol (IPA)to make sure that no oily residue from the other solvents is being left behind on the surface.

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Green Silicone Blade Handle Squeegee Window Film Tool

The Green Silicone Blade Handle Squeegee is a perfect tint tool for bubbles and water removals while applying car window film. Making with plastic handle, the Squeegee is easy to grip and control. The soft and smooth edeg of the Silicone Blade gives car window film and vinyl more protection while tinting and wrapping. It is still a best application tool for cleaning up during the whole tinting.

click here to get more information about Handle Squeegee Auto Window Film Application Tool:http://www.tintingtool.com/squeegees/handle-squeegee-auto-window-film-application-tool-p-108941.html

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January 29, 2016

Stainless Retractable Razor Blade Scraper Car Window Film Tool

This powerful Retractable Razor Blade Scraper uses single-edged razor blades. It is excellent for safety, grip strength, and maximum leverage where small blades are needed for film or other glass contaminant removal.
click here to get more Retractable Razor Blade Scraper information:

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Easy Ways to Remove Car Window Tint

Car window tint is a translucent film that adheres to the inside of your vehicle's windows. Over time, the tint can become cracked or faded, or you may simply want to remove the film. Follow these strategies to remove the tint cleanly and with a minimum of hassle.


  • Work with one window at a time. Leave the car doors open for ventilation while working inside the vehicle. Fill a plastic spray bottle with ammonia, which acts as a powerful solvent to soften the tint adhesive. This is where it's important to keep the car ventilated: spray one tinted window thoroughly with ammonia, then cover the inside of the window with a plastic trash bag or plastic food wrap. Use a piece of tape to hold the plastic in place over the window.


  • Park the car in direct sunlight on a hot day and allow the treated window to bake in the heat for an hour. The heat and ammonia will loosen the tint adhesive, while the plastic trash bag or wrap over the window will hold in the hot air to speed up the process. If you can stand the smell of ammonia and want to move things along, plug a hair dryer into an extension cord (or use an adapter) and power the appliance from your vehicle's cigarette lighter, then blast the window with the hair dryer set on "high." This will help melt the adhesive securing the tint to your window.


  • Use your fingernails or the blade of a knife to peel the tint from one corner of the window. When you get a grip on the film, slowly peel it back and away from the window. The key word is "slowly." The idea is to peel off as much of the tint as possible in one piece so you minimize scraping with a razor blade.
    When removing tine from the back window, be especially careful when using sharp objects around the rear defroster wires. Cut just one wire, and you will ruin the defroster feature on the rear glass.
    Once the tine has been removed, spray Windex or another glass-cleaning product over any residual adhesive and wipe it away. This may take several attempts before all of the sticky adhesive is removed.

 For those who want to tint car windows, you first need to buy cheap auto tinting tools from TintingTool.com.

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January 26, 2016

Orange Micro Fiber Towel Window Dryer

The Microfiber Towel is absorbent and lint-free for cleaning and detailing away smudges, dust, oil and grease from virtually any surface. It is soft and durable to use. Tinter can also use this towel for hard card squeegee wrapping while bumpping water and bubbles.
Tinting Lint Free Towel click here to get more information:http://www.TintingTool.com/cleaning-pads-and-cloths/

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Effects of car tinting

Car Tinting is an attractive and cost effective car enhancement product that offers much more than just good looks.High qulity window film comes in a full metal or matching carbon equivalent for those windows that have radio antenna in the rear screen.It can reduces the incidence of skin cancers, and sun damage to the eyes.
In a vehicle accident, window film holds broken glass together,reducing the risk of injury to occupants.
It can also protect seat fabrics against facing from the sun. Improves re-sale value.

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4" Grey Universal Bondo Card Auto Film Tint Tool

4" Grey Universal Bondo Card4" Grey Universal Bondo Card Auto Film Tint Tool is a multiple auto vinyl wraps and film tints tool. It can be used as a window film installation squeegee to remove water. Tinters can also wrap this Bondo Card in a soft microfiber cloths or Super Pre Towel to bump edges dry when wrapping vinyl graphics, vehicle wraps and paint protection films. The unique firm flex gives tinters a easier grip and control. It can be said that 4" Grey Universal Bondo Card is not only a mini window tinting hard card squeegee, but a vinyl wrapping bump card, saving your money.
click here to get more information:http://www.tintingtool.com/squeegees/4quot-grey-universal-bondo-card-auto-film-tint-tool-p-109647.html

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