January 29, 2016

Easy Ways to Remove Car Window Tint

Car window tint is a translucent film that adheres to the inside of your vehicle's windows. Over time, the tint can become cracked or faded, or you may simply want to remove the film. Follow these strategies to remove the tint cleanly and with a minimum of hassle.


  • Work with one window at a time. Leave the car doors open for ventilation while working inside the vehicle. Fill a plastic spray bottle with ammonia, which acts as a powerful solvent to soften the tint adhesive. This is where it's important to keep the car ventilated: spray one tinted window thoroughly with ammonia, then cover the inside of the window with a plastic trash bag or plastic food wrap. Use a piece of tape to hold the plastic in place over the window.


  • Park the car in direct sunlight on a hot day and allow the treated window to bake in the heat for an hour. The heat and ammonia will loosen the tint adhesive, while the plastic trash bag or wrap over the window will hold in the hot air to speed up the process. If you can stand the smell of ammonia and want to move things along, plug a hair dryer into an extension cord (or use an adapter) and power the appliance from your vehicle's cigarette lighter, then blast the window with the hair dryer set on "high." This will help melt the adhesive securing the tint to your window.


  • Use your fingernails or the blade of a knife to peel the tint from one corner of the window. When you get a grip on the film, slowly peel it back and away from the window. The key word is "slowly." The idea is to peel off as much of the tint as possible in one piece so you minimize scraping with a razor blade.
    When removing tine from the back window, be especially careful when using sharp objects around the rear defroster wires. Cut just one wire, and you will ruin the defroster feature on the rear glass.
    Once the tine has been removed, spray Windex or another glass-cleaning product over any residual adhesive and wipe it away. This may take several attempts before all of the sticky adhesive is removed.

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